Yuban Medium Roasted Ground Organic Coffee

Specializing in sustainably grown, premium organic coffee, the Yuban brand offers one of its best products that comes packaged in 11-ounce tins, made at least 50% from recycled material. In addition to being sustainably engineered, the tin features a resealable lid that will keep it fresh. The company recommends keeping it in the refrigerator to preserve the flavor for as long as possible after breaking the vacuum seal. The taste of this exquisite coffee comes from grinding medium-roasted Arabica beans. The result is a smooth flavor and a balanced taste.

Both Quality Certification Services and the USDA certify this coffee as an organic product. This means that there are no flavorings, color additives, or preservatives included, artificial or otherwise. Each container makes between 80 and 90 servings, going by the recipe printed on the tin. The company selects its beans from Latin and South American farms, focusing on aroma and magnificent taste.

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