Yogi Ginger Tea Bags

Whether you’re an avid tea drinker or not, you couldn’t help but like the Yogi Ginger Tea Bags because of their distinct charming aroma and taste of pure ginger! This exquisite natural tea has a certain blend of spices and herbs added to it, in order to complete its fine, piquant flavor. You’re going to enjoy the soothing, rejuvenating and energizing qualities of ginger. No artificial ingredients or preservatives!

Ginger has been used both as a herb and a spice for a millennia and it brings a lot of benefits consumed both ways.

  • Ginger has digestion-friendly properties. It helps the body regain its balance by improving the nutrient absorption.
  • Many people use the herb as a natural remedy for persistent flu and colds.
  • If you aren’t having your meals regularly because of appetite absence, fresh ginger can help by firing up your stomach’s digestive juices.
  • Ginger cleanses the body’s “microcirculatory channels” including the sinuses that have the tendency to inflame every now and then.
  • The spice/herb decreases flatulence so you can say bye, bye to them embarrassing stomach gasses and you won’t have to worry about passing them in public.
  • Often stomach cramps and tummy groaning can be improved with Ginger.
  • Ginger oil can prove effective against joint and muscle pain thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. Just rub it into your skin or pour it in your bath.
  • Dip some ginger in honey and chew on it in situations when you feel nauseous or airsick.
  • A sour throat or nose congestion can be relieved thanks to ginger tea.

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