Wholesome Sweeteners Evaporated Cane Juice Sugar

Ideal for baking, beverages and sprinkling, this organic evaporated cane juice sugar is sustainably harvested without the aid of any pesticides or chemical fertilizers. You have the chance to stock your larder with a health-friendly sugar thanks to the Wholesome Sweeteners brand that is specialized in providing strictly Fairtrade certified, natural, organic and NON-GMO Project verified sweeteners that originate from environmentally and ethically responsible manufacturers and growers.


Why use organic unrefined evaporated cane juice sugar instead of normal white sugar?

It’s plain simple, because it preserves your well-being better, while white sugar is more processed and does only harm to your organism. When evaporated cane sugar is made, the juice from the sugar cane is filtered, evaporated into syrup, then dried until it crystalizes and finally it’s cured. This kind of sugar has tan color and a mild molasses flavor, plus it contains small amounts of nutrients like vitamin C, vitamin A and calcium.

Raw cane sugar bears a balance of glucose, sucrose and fructose, whilst refined sugars are primarily sucrose (the glucose and fructose have been washed out). The main thing here is that more sucrose means higher blood pressure and we definitely wouldn’t want that. Another advantage of unrefined organic cane sugar that we would point out is that it is more easily digestible than refined white sugar. When we consume any type of refined sugar, our bodies has to pull stored nutrients from itself in order to be be able to effectively digest the sugar. That leads to shortage of calcium and other minerals in our teeth, tissues and bones.

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