Whole Organic Grapefruit

Those who like grapefruits and are actually real grapefruit connoisseurs, are pretty choosy about this food, because if it’s not good, it can bring a different feel in terms of taste and juiciness, and given that it’s normally bitter or semi-bitter in flavor, this could turn out to be irritating.

But never worry, because Organic Mountain know exactly how to grow their whole organic grapefruit, so it can deliver the perfect balance of bitterness and sweetness, and incredible juice, packed in ripe, healthy fruits. With each order, you’ll receive 12 sun-drenched, fully grown, delicious organic grapefruits that are perfect for eating and juicing.

Depending on the season, the fruits may vary in color, but will always deliver a marvelous taste and all the nutrients they’re supposed to deliver. They can usually last longer a room temperature, but if they begin to soften, it’s advisable to store them in a fridge.

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