Vedic Juices Organic Karela Juice

You may not have heard of karela juice, but in Asia, it’s well known as an effective detoxifier and a skin cleanser. This organic karela juice is actually an extract of the fruit known as bitter melon or bitter gourd. As its name suggests, this isn’t exactly a sweet addition to food. In fact, Vedic Juices, the manufacturer, suggests taking only two tablespoons per day, and the bitter taste will dissuade most people from taking more! Nevertheless, many health enthusiasts praise the ability of karela juice to aid digestion, and cleanse the constitution. While this isn’t a drug, it does have a reputation as a powerful dietary supplement that has a legitimate effect on the body. According to the manufacturer, the juice reduces the amount of glucose that your body will create in the process of digestion. It does this by inhibiting the action of enzymes that break down complex sugars naturally present in many foods.

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