The Spice Lab Pure Unprocessed Himalayan Crystal Salt

Even those who watch their nourishing habits find it difficult to escape food flavoring and more specifically they find it hard to cut the salt from their dishes. But actually it’s not necessary to stop salting your food, you can just replace the table salt with the Spice Lab Pure Unprocessed Himalayan Crystal Salt! This natural salt supplement is the most beneficial and pure salt on Earth! It bears a pristine status because it was formed about 250 million years ago when the sun has dried up the first, primal sea, that’s why the Himalayan crystal salt is a storage medium for life force energy and biophoton content. Hand mined, hand washed and prepared, the pure coarse grain Himalayan salt is very nutritious, because it has the world’s highest elemental content with 84 nutritional elements and minerals which our body requires. This naturally formed ancient dietary supplement contains no impurities from environmental pollution and can definitely support your good haleness. It can be used for reenergizing and rejuvenating baths, dermatological treatments, internal salt water bathing, drinking therapies and air cleansing (acting as an ionizer). Don’t forget that besides health-friendly, these culinary grade salt crystals have exquisite taste and are perfect for roasting, grilling and cooking.

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