Tasty Brand Organic Cookies

Back in the day, kids were given yummy but unhealthy snacks that could wreak havoc on their bodies. These days, there are even more companies producing unhealthy sweets kids crave for. However, you don’t always have to sacrifice an alluring appearance for the sake of better nutrition. There are still fun and health-friendly snack foods out there that both you and your kids will love. Take these star-shaped organic cookies created by Tasty Brand for instance. They look a lot like typical chocolate chip cookies, but will keep your well-being intact because they are made of only organic ingredients! All biscuits are sweetened with agave nectar and each batch package has a total of only 100 calories and 3 grams of sugar! So if you’re closely watching your sugar intake, this is the perfect low-sugar chocolate snack that you can count on.

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