Sunfood Organic Camu Camu Powder

Looking for something extraordinary and particularly high in vitamin C? These Amazon picked berries are the ultimate choice and are an easy addition to beverages and desserts. The Sunfood Organic Camu Camu Powder is made of camu berries that are dried at low temperature to preserve the nutritional value and to be used as the perfect dietary supplement! Apart from vitamin C, the product also contains amino acids valine, leucine and serine. Camu Camu has incredible health-enhancing properties that help improve the function of the brain, eyes and the internal organs. It is excellent in helping against colds, flues and all sorts of viruses. Traditionally it was used as a medicinal herb which helps relieve stress and anxiety. The 100% certified organic Camu Camu powder is an amazing super food that contains more Vitamin C than almost every other botanical fruit. Camu berries are a valuable asset to anyone who would like to experience great health benefits!

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