Sunfood Dried Organic Goji Berries

Gojis are considered by many to be the most wholesome fruit on our planet so it’s definitely advisable to have them in your kitchen cupboard for every day consumption. The Sunfood Dried Organic Goji Berries are a product and a brand that you can trust when we talk about the wondrous wolfberry. The yummy superfood has no GMO and is certified organic by CCOF.

The vivid orange-red berry’s Latin name is Lycium barbarumand and is also called Chinese wolfberry. It grows on a shrub that is mainly native to Tibet and China where it has been used for thousands of years for medical and culinary purposes, while the Western countries have found about its incredible effect in the recent years. Goji berries are normally consumed raw, made into teas, used in cooking dishes or eaten as a fantastic snack, which you can add to an oatmeal or muesli. Many specialists and herbalists believe Gojis are an anti-aging food, therefore they’re considered to be one of the keys to longer life and an irreplaceable dietary supplement that can be described with the words “natural”, “nutrition” and “health”.

Its antioxidant content is very strong, which tremendously reduces free radicals’ damage to DNA cells, thus slowing down ageing and defending from diseases. This is a result from certain compounds that are anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal. They considerably reinforce your immune system and make you stronger.

Like no other fruit, the wolfberry contains all the essential amino acids and a high level of protein. Gojis are loaded with vitamin C but what’s more impressive is they have more carotenoids than any other fruit or vegetable (even more than carrots and sweet potatoes). What’s also worth mentioning is that these berries are a good source of fiber and have 21 trace-minerals (more iron than spinach).

The wolfberry is used to strengthen the liver and the kidneys by interacting with their meridians. This helps in relieving giddiness and back pain. In addition, the super-fruit also improves your eye vision. If you’re taking medicines for blood pressure or diabetes, you should inform your health care provider in case you decide to consume Goji berries, because they might interact with that type of prescription pills. The reason for this is because in time people began to use this little fruit to treat health issues like diabetes, high blood pressure and fever.

The brand Sunfood uses only high quality organic gojis that are grown without pesticides artificial fertilizers or any other harmful chemicals!

The health benefits of Goji berries

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