Sumatra Organic Coffee by Camano Island Coffee Roasters

This Sumatra organic coffee is shade-grown using environmentally responsible farming methods in Indonesia. Additionally, it’s fairly traded, allowing the coffee growers to get a wage commensurate with the amount of work they put into producing the beans. The company that produces and distributes this coffee ascribes to a model of generational change, meaning that they believe in supporting ethical coffee production long-term and worldwide.

The dark roast enhances the natural smoky taste of the beans and contributes to a rich, aromatic cup of coffee with every brew. Hints of acidity and a sweet, full flavor with nutty undertones give Sumatra complexity that many coffee lovers crave.

According to the company, Camano Island products are strictly limited to extremely high grade coffee, ensuring that only the best possible product reaches the consumer. In fact, they claim to produce coffee that can be ranked in the top 1% in terms of quality!

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