Suja Juice 3-Day Fresh Start Program

Are you looking to give your body’s health a fresh start? Are you feeling as if the unhealthy lifestyle has taken its toll on your well-being? It’s not too late to make a positive change, as you try the Suja Juice 3-day fresh start program! It entails consuming 18 healthy drinks for three days to become toxin-free while providing your body with amino acids, antioxidants and proteins! Each of the 6 different-flavored drinks contains cold-pressed organic juices that have been processed using High Pressure Processing and no heat in order to preserve each fruit and vegetable’s essential nutrients intact and kill any potential bacteria. The juices are USDA certified organic and verified by the Non-GMO project. They’re also kosher-certified and are free from dairy, soy and gluten. Each set comes with full instructions on what to do before, during and after the cleansing. It must also be noted that a few days before the start of the program, you must refrain from consuming coffee, alcohol, red meat, sugar, bread products and dairy products to ensure the effectiveness of the purification program.

Suja Juice 3-Day Fresh Start Program

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