Stone Ground Organic Barley Flour

Making baked foods has always been a delicate work, and if you want amazing results, you often have to use amazing ingredients.

And when we talk about ingredients, flour definitely pops out in mind as a basic one. If cooking with healthy ingredients is your cup of tea, then you probably want to use whole-grain flours instead of white flour made of regular wheat. So in reference to that, we can give you a little tip with this stone ground organic barley flour that has what it takes to make you feel over the moon for preparing the most tasty and health-friendly baked dish in the world.

Being certified organic, the nutritious organic flour is made using only hulled non-GMO barley grains that are not deprived of their bran, which means they’re not deprived of their full fiber potential. The whole grains are made into flour using the old fashioned stone grinding method, which does not involve any chemical, or thermal processing for achieving the powdered form.

Why is it worth cooking with organic barley flour, and why is this foood considered to be so wholesome? Well, let’s see, first it’s very low in total fat (contains some omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids), and cholesterol-free.

Second, it’s considerably high in dietary fiber and plant protein. T

Third, barley is a host of a wide number of minerals, plus there are vitamins A, K, and B complex too.

Eating highly nutritious grains like barley is associated with good gut and heart health. Furthermore, there are numerous studies that have confirmed the use of whole grains like barley in the battle and prevention of diabetes, and the reduction of breast cancer risk and asthma by 50%.

The health benefits of barley, and respectively barley flour, aren’t to be underestimated, just like its ability to make your dishes taste fantastic.

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