Steaz Organic Iced Green Tea

When you think of soft drinks like juices and aerated beverages what usually comes to mind are Coca Cola, Sprite, Fanta, Simply Orange, Cappy and other brands making fruity drinks, filled with sugar or containing cheap fruit concentrate, and this of course isn’t good for the health. However, health-conscious individuals may try this iced green tea with blueberry and pomegranate produced by Steaz. It’s an organic soft drink filled with 100% natural ingredients delivering a totally delightful flavor. For those who don’t know, Steaz is one of the bestselling brands of organic soft drinks and energy drinks in the U.S. In addition to its two flavors and the main ingredient which is green tea, the organic healthy beverage also contains natural acai flavors, contributing to the huge antioxidant power. Each 16 ounce can is also made of fully recyclable aluminum to be in favor of the environment.

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