Organic Goldenseal Leaf Powder by Starwest Botanicals

This organic dried goldenseal leaf powder by Starwest Botanicals give you the chance to personally experience the health advantages of an ancient healing plant. The Goldenseal (Hydrastis canadensis) is a perennial plant, whose origin is the USA and Canada. It’s also known as Yellow Root. Nowadays, goldenseal is one of the most sold plants in many countries. The past few years its picking is being done very carefully, because of risk of extinction.

The American Indians have used the goldenseal as a very effective medicine, primarily for healing irritations, wounds, inflammations, ear aches, gastric ulcer, stomach and liver diseases. In Europe, goldenseal was introduced in 1760 and quickly becomes a favorite herb of many doctors and herbalists. In the 20th century, it becomes a main element in the making of the very popular medicine called – The Golden Medical Discovery.

Yellow root is rich in alkaloids, essential oil, sugars, albumen and lignin. The goldenseal is a natural and powerful antibiotic that directly infiltrates the circulatory system, kills infections and boosts the liver recovery. Applied outward, the goldenseal is used for treating acne, making eye bathing, curing herpes, eczema and other skin diseases and purulent inflammations.

Hydrastis Canadensis is an excellent anti-bacterial means for destroying viruses and bacteria. When it comes to the blood circulatory system, this magical herb strengthens the walls of blood vessels and cures hemorrhoids. It can control heavy menstruation and bleeding after child bearing.

Another great benefit of the goldenseal is its ability to favor the proper working of the digestive system. The herb is recommended for dealing with large intestine and rectum chronic issues, colitis, dyspepsia, constipation, gastritis and appetite lacking. It also increases the digestive secretion.

Yellow root stimulates the kidneys, relieves urinary infections and strengthens the immune system. It’s also useful in battling lung illnesses.

The organic herb stimulates the pancreas activity, supports the spleen and the lymph system. It is also useful in cases of night sweating, alcoholism, vomiting, muscle and rheumatic pain.

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