Sprout Organic Baby Food with Sweet Potato and White Beans

If organic food is good for adults, then organic baby food must be just as good for children!

Sprout produces this line of chef-designed meals for infants, packaged individually in BPA-free, ready-to-eat healthy baby pouches.

The variety of Sweet Potato and White Beans, includes no meat, making it a good choice for parents who are raising their children to be vegetarian. Made up of just sweet potato, water, cinnamon, and navy beans, these meals are simple and include no additives or fillers.

Though each container is a single serving, the replaceable cap can be used to keep an unfinished pouch fresh in the refrigerator for the next snack. (The cap is also recyclable and should be kept out of reach of children under the age of 3.)

There is no need to microwave or boil these little meals: they are ready when your baby is.

Organic Ingredients

Navy Beans, Sweet Potatoes, Cinnamon, Water

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