Dried Organic Thyme by Simply Organic

Thyme has been used as a garnish since the time of the Romans. In those days, Romans spread the use of thyme as a spice and aromatic means throughout Europe. Today, Simply Organic makes their premier, USDA-certified dried organic thyme available in a convenient 0.28-oz shaker perfect for cooking. Thyme is an ideal addition to healthy dishes, especially Mediterranean and Italian cuisine. You can use it in egg, vegetable, bean and meat-based dishes. If you’re cooking with organic ingredients, then knowing that your thyme is without pesticides and herbicides will help contribute to the overall value of your meal. Unlike fresh thyme, which lasts a week at best, this dried form will endure as long as required without the need for refrigeration or special preservation techniques. Having dried thyme handy on the shelf is a convenience that many cooks won’t sacrifice, and with an organic product, the result will be both flavorful and healthy.


Nutrition facts and health benefits of thyme

The condiment has certain beneficial nutrients in its composition such as vitamin C, iron, manganese, copper and fiber. There are lots of uses for thyme, besides the culinary ones. Thyme is a natural remedy for bronchitis, it can alleviate coughs, chest congestion, and soothe soar throat when brewed and taken as tea, or used for inhalation. It’s worth noting that thyme contains a particular volatile oil called Thymol (named after the herb itself). It is confirmed that this constituent increases the percentage of healthy fats, found in cell structures such as the cell membranes. Thyme dietary supplements show increase of the levels of the omega-3 fatty acid DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) in the kidney, brain and heart cell membranes. The herb’s volatile oils also bear antibacterial properties against different fungi and bacteria. The antioxidant capacity of thyme is supported by its content of flavonoids such as naringenin, apigenin, thymonin and luteolin.

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