Finely Ground Celtic Sea Salt by Selina Naturally

On condition that you like putting a little extra salt for flavoring your dishes but you feel bad about using table salt, maybe it’s time you switched to something healthier and more nutritious like the finely ground Celtic sea salt by Selina Naturally. This nicely grinded, low temperature dried salt fully supports healthy eating and is perfect for baking, cooking and finishing everything that requires a salty taste. The natural supplement has no additives, it is naturally lower in sodium than table salt, and has better mineralization. That’s why it is recommended by culinary chefs and health care professionals.

Because natural sea salt is obtained from the seas without any chemical processes (usually mostly through water evaporation), its compound structure doesn’t alter. Therefore, it keeps all its naturally occurring minerals that your body can profit from. That’s why thanks to its better purity and fairly better nutritional profile, we can say sea salt is overall better than table salt. Depending on where it has been derived from, sea salt may contain some nutrients like zinc, iron, potassium, calcium, magnesium, bromide, chloride, and sulfur.

Though at first sight it may not seem that normal table salt is that much inferior to sea salt, but it’s a fact that sea salt has a better reflection on health.


Health benefits of sea salt

Because it hasn’t been exposed to high heat and it hasn’t undergone processing that strips its nutrition to the fullest, sea salt is considered to be an alkalizing food. That means it can help you prevent high acidity levels in your body, which in turn lessens the chance of developing serious illnesses.

Unprocessed sea salt promotes a strong immune system, which will help you keep diseases at bay more easily.

Many find it hard to believe, but sea salt can help you lose weight and clean your colon when mixed with water. Here’s what happens: the water’s negative ions interact with the positive ions in salt. This generates a different structure that bears an electrical charge, easily assimilated by our bodies. Once consumed, this electrical charge sends electric signals through our cells and helps the kidneys preserve fluid balance. Furthermore, sea salted water stimulates stomach juices and facilitates digestion. The salt activates the salivary glands in the mouth which leads to the release of amylase. Then, in the stomach natural salt acts as a stimulator for a protein-digestive enzyme and hydrochloric acid, both of which assist in food break down. Another reason for the digestive qualities of sea salted water is the fact it stimulates liver and intestinal tract secretions. That way you get to prevent build up in the digestive tract, which otherwise may lead to constipation and weight gain. Proper bowel movement also helps cleaning the colon from toxins and stuck particles.

Sea salt’s detox properties aren’t to be underestimated too. This perk is owed to the minerals in pure sea salt, plus the fact that it’s antibacterial.

Perhaps another unsuspected health-benefiting property of this ground celtic sea salt would be its ability to relieve stress and improve sleep quality. That’s because some of sea salt’s minerals calm the nerve system by reducing the levels of the stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol.

You can also use sea salt for skin health when applied externally. First of all, sulfur and chromium in sea salt are effective against acne and dermatitis, they help the skin stay smooth and clean. Natural sea salt helps you cover your daily requirements for Sulphur. Otherwise, sulfur deficiency may lead to rashes, eczema, and dry scalp. Zinc also boosts the healing of wounds, so we can add that little perk to sea salt’s ability to favor good skin health. To boot, sea salt is also widely used as part of a natural treatment for psoriasis, as it’s good to be combined with other medications. Sea salt treatment has shown promising results in treating skin scaling and itching. Psoriasis and psoriasis arthritis are well influenced by balneotherapy procedures involving sea salt, sulphur baths and mud packs.

A sea salt solution has been proven many times to be a great natural treatment for rhinosinusitis, and running nose, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. What’s even more, sea salt-based sprays appear to be more effective against nasal problems than steroids that may have side effects.

Soaking your feet in hot sea salted water can help you prevent or relive a cold, as well as relieve foot pain and relax the muscles.

Sea salt helps your body sustain good electrolyte balance, thanks to the minerals found present in it. Having your electrolytes aids in preserving proper blood circulation and muscular strength.

Natural sea salt assists in keeping normal blood sugar, and reducing the necessity for insulin medications taken for blood sugar regulation.

The cardiac benefits of sea salt are backed by the fact that it helps stabilize blood pressure and normalize irregular heartbeats.


Here’s how sea salt is harvested

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