Santa Cruz Dark Roast Creamy Organic Peanut Butter

Santa Cruz use dark roasted peanuts for this one of a kind organic peanut butter with unique taste and texture! Though its roles as a sandwich fixing and snack component are no doubt the best known of its virtues, this peanut butter is also a good cooking ingredient, being a useful addition to peanut sauce and peanut butter pancakes. In addition, the USDA-certified creamy butter is made without hydrogenated vegetable oil, which is a man-made substance that some restaurants use to deep-fry french fries, meats, and other fast-food items. The source peanuts are not genetically modified in any way, but instead grow naturally and without the aid of artificial fertilizers or pesticides. The only ingredients present in the butter are high grade organic peanuts and at most 1% salt by volume. Easily spreadable and soft, this gluten-free creamy butter is, according to the company, also a good emergency alternative to shaving cream.

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