SAAQIN Organic Raw Cocoa Butter

Cocoa butter is the starting point to creating great tasting chocolate and serves also as a skin moisturizer. So when you’ve set your sights on finding the right kind, we would recommend you opt for this pure product made from Ecuador’s finest cacao beans – the SAAQIN оrganic raw cocoa butter. Melted and pressed at the lowest temperatures, each pellet is lovingly molded to give you the ideal unit for creating all sorts of cacao-related goodies or skin humidifiers. You don’t even have to further-process them, because they’re perfectly safe for immediate consumption. But remember, just a little bite of cocoa bliss goes a long way, eat them only in strict moderation! And as for skincare, cocoa butter is used in all sorts of moisturizers, even the ones that help eliminate the appearance of stretch marks! Surely, it’s great to make raw organic chocolate when you’ve got the finest ingredients. When it comes to raw cocoa butter, choose organic because cooking with organic ingredients is healthy!

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