Rolled Organic Oats by Bob's Red Mill

Rolled oats are one of the most popular healthy breakfast foods in the world, appearing in oatmeal, overnight oats, and a plethora of homemade breads and baked goods. Like all organic foods, this line of rolled organic oats includes no pesticides, GMOs, or artificial additives. The product is toasted using the manufacturer’s singular “kiln toasted” process for maximum flavor quality. When soaked, they become chewy and creamy, a fine breakfast on their own and a good addition to other morning meals, like yogurt, or granolas.

These oats are naturally a high-protein and high-fiber product. They contain 15% of the daily recommended dosage for iron and 20% for fiber. They are also completely free of cholesterol.

According to many researches and studies over the years, whole grains like oats may reduce the risk of heart disease in some predisposed individuals, and can improve digestion. In addition to the health benefits of the oats themselves, each bag contains 18 servings of this popular whole grain and includes a recipe for make-it-yourself oat bread.

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