Red and White Vegan Macaroni by GoGo Quinoa

GoGo Quinoa are true specialist in manufacturing organic quinoa-based comestibles as you might have already guessed by their brand name. If you’re having second thoughts about whether or not their products are indeed top notch, give this red and white vegan macaroni a go on your next family supper and nobody at the table will be disappointed. In only 4 minutes, you can have a delicious Italian cuisine that guarantees an ample serving of whole grains, plus unlike wheat-based pasta, this product is totally gluten-free, so it’s appropriate for celiacs too. The smallest bag of the organic macaroni pasta is 1kg, which means quite more than just a few servings, so it can go a log way, depending on the portions that you prefer, of course.

Use for your favorite sauces or a pasta salad.

Made from white quinoa flour, red quinoa flour and white rice flour, all of which are certified-organic.

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