Raw Rev 100 Organic Live Food Bar by Raw Revolution, Golden Cashew

Snacking raw has been made convenient with this 100 calorie organic food bar. Whether at the office or on the go, the cashews in this power food can boost your energy levels without spoiling a diet. Because this uncooked snack food is never exposed to an oven, the full capacity of nutritional qualities of the nuts remain intact. Cashews are naturally high in protein, a factor that contributes to their ability to help maintain energy levels and mental alertness. Certified organic by the USDA, this bar contains no GMOs, artificial chemicals, or preservatives. Additionally, it’s dairy-free and vegan. The company, which was founded by Registered Nurse Alice Benedetto, specifically avoids using not only refined sugar, but also corn syrup (glucose) in its products. In addition to cashews, each bar contains almonds, sunflower kernels, dates, flax seed, and agave nectar. Every one of the six total ingredients is organic, completely raw, and plant-based for a healthy snacking experience.

Organic Ingredients

Cashews, Almonds, Sunflower Seeds, Sprouted Flax Seed, Agave Nectar, Dates

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