Raw Organic Whey Pure Organic Protein

When it comes to organic sports supplements, whey is definitely one of the most famous and consumed. For athletes looking to gain weight without sacrificing their commitment to organic and non-GMO products, this line offers a USDA certified organic whey protein sourced from well-treated, grass-fed Jersey cows that graze on grass in open pastures at least 300 days per year. Their milk is hormone-free and antibiotic-free, and the cows are strictly fed nothing but non-GMO feeds.

Because the whey itself is tasteful, the manufacturer adds no sweeteners or fillers to the final product. Unlike many mainstream whey products, this option is processed at low temperatures and without acid treatment, preserving the maximum nutritional value of the product.

Protein comprises 40% of the whey by volume. Each resealable bag contains about 14 servings of five tablespoons apiece and dissolves well, making this organic whey protein a good addition to protein-rich diets.

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