Raw Organic Plant Based Protein – Classic Plus by Sunwarrior

Think about your favorite wholegrains. Now imagine having them added into a single protein supplement. Boom! Sunwarrior’s raw organic plant based protein is born. The Classic Plus series adds a pretty powerful upgrade to the brand’s original brown rice protein by enriching its amino acid profile with superfoods like amaranth, quinoa, peas, and chia. A single 25g serving (1 scoop) contains 18g high quality protein.

With this highly effective plant protein product you also have the opportunity to absorb not only complete protein coming from real foods, but also health-fortifying nutrients like vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals with antioxidant properties, enzymes, fatty acids and more. All of these nutriments are essential for the human body, and many regular protein supplements don’t have them in their nutrition structure.

This product is made with organic certified foods, grown naturally with clean water and solar light, without pesticides or GMOs.

Available in natural, vanilla and chocolate flavors.

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