Raw Organic Monterey Jack Cheese by Organic Valley

High quality cheese is getting harder to find these days, especially when it comes to a more certain type like Monterey Jack. With its semi hard, pale-yellowish appearance, its magnificent aroma and exquisite taste, this raw organic Monterey Jack cheese is going to prove itself as a fantastic cooking ingredient, or an irresistible appetizer on the dining table. Originating from Wisconsin family farms, and made with raw milk, aged a minimum of 60 days, the premium cheese is specially produced by Organic Valley, a company that values nutrition of the highest quality and always delivers it to the customers. This type of cheese is superior to normal one in terms of healthiness too, because it’s much lower in an organic compound called tyramine, which is associated with headaches. Therefore, Monterey Jack is one of the few types of cheese recommended for consumption in cases of migraine.

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