Raw Organic Fiber by Garden of Life

The benefits of fiber are many: it promotes good digestion and healthy gut flora, helps foster cardiovascular health, and supports low blood sugar. This raw organic fiber supplement is appropriate for consumption by vegans and within the rules of the paleo diet. Excluding harsh fibers like psyllium, which can irritate sensitive colons, the fiber in this product comes from seeds, sprouts, whole grains, and legumes. Because of the all-organic ingredients, which include lentils, sunflower seeds, millet and chia, this powder also features Omega-3 fatty acids and 12% protein by volume.

No artificial ingredients, preservatives, or synthetic sweeteners are present in this health-friendly dietary supplement, which helps avoid re-introducing harmful toxins into the body. The manufacturer Garden of Life also does not use fillers, guaranteeing that you’ll receive the full value for the volume of fiber present.

For diners with gut sensitivities and digestive issues, including constipation, this fiber may be mixed into drinks or added to foods.

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