Raw Organic Black Olives by Sunfood, Dehydrated and Pitted

Many of us love olives. They have a distinguishing, rich taste, plus they are one of the best sources of heart healthy unsaturated omega fats, such as oleic acid, plus there are also iron, calcium, vitamin A and vitamin E found present in them.

Nowadays, many supermarkets sell olives that are picked in a premature state, then softened using harmful chemicals like lye, pasteurized (cooked), and artificially darkened via ferrous gluconate which is a type of iron constituent.

Fortunately, Sunfood Superfoods have always had the propensity to provide us with safe to consume, top grade edibles likes these raw organic black olives. To guarantee you exquisite olive experience, the brand hand-pick their olives when optimally ripe, season them only with sea salt, and carefully dry them at low temperature.

These organic Botija olives can be a splendid savory snack right off the jar, or they can serve as a fantastic cooking ingredient in many traditional dishes. You choose how to consume them, but one thing is for sure – you’ll be pleased by their taste and quality!

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