Raw Organic Almonds by Live Superfoods, Unpasteurized

These raw organic almonds are snack-ready to eat by the handful! The almond is already royalty in the world of healthy snack foods, and these organic nuts go the extra mile to enhance the quality of each morsel by guaranteeing that they are free of pesticides, artificial preservatives, and GMOs. In addition to their delicious snack possibilities, the almonds can be ground and powdered, and used as a flour substitute, incorporated into baked goods, and as a topping for salads.


Benefits of raw almonds

They contain large amounts of Vitamin E, they have been proven to reduce harmful cholesterol, and may even help to prevent the development of cancer!
Aside from their healthiness, these almonds pack a satisfying crunch and a portability that makes them the perfect choice for school snack or for on the go.

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