Pure Zeolite Powder

In the world of dietary supplements and natural remedies, you often find yourself wondering what exactly you need to boost your physical activity, solve certain health issues and what you need for prophylaxis to avoid them in the first place. In that reference, you know you can always count on us to give you a good tip.

Since this pure zeolite powder came to our attention, we decided to share it with you, because it’s something definitely worth having in your supplement pack for every-day use.

What is zeolite? Zeolite belongs to a group of minerals and a large part of its content is clinoptilolite. “Ancient” is one of the many words you can use to describe this incredible mineral, because the clinoptilolite rocks were shaped millions of years ago.

Today, thanks to a premium zeolite supplement such as this one, health-conscious individuals can profit from zeolite’s health benefits. Zeolite can be used both internally and externally which considerably expands its value. The zeolite mineral has a powerful alkalizing character, therefore a zeolite detox is something the consumer can do periodically to cleanse the body from harmful chemicals and other environmental pollutants.

Zeolite has a fascinating crystal micro structure, resembling a honeycomb. It bears a negative charge which lets it bind with chemicals and other anti-nutrients to safely excrete them from your system. As we said, zeolite uses expand to topical applications as well. You can use the natural zeolite powder to make body and facial masks. You can also use clinoptilolite to prepare creams which can relieve and cure skin infections.

Zeolite benefits are dozens. If you want to learn in detail about the essence of zeolite and all zeolite uses, click .

Use the link below to buy zeolite from Heiltropfen – a reliable German manufacturer that among other things produces pure zeolite for internal use.

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