Pure Organic Safflower Oil by H & B Oils Center Co

When it comes to cooking, we’ve always strived to use beneficial and nutritious, cold-pressed oils. That’s why could help but try this pure organic safflower oil by the H & B Oils Center co!

The Health & Beauty Oils Center have inspired us with their true professionalism in making of natural essential oils, absolutes, custom blends, aromatics, and other similar products. Their production includes also oils such as this that are certified “organic” and suitable for cooking. We can honestly say that this brand is a real gem in the oil industry.

Because this organic safflower oil is as authentic as it gets, it has a distinct natural smell and flavor that make it perfect for versatile cooking, like: salads, sauces, dips, sautéing, marinades, steaming, stir fries, (just don’t overeat with fries too often, maybe in your cheat days), and more.

This cold-pressed safflower oil is enriched with vitamin E, plus it’s naturally rich in unsaturated fats, such as polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fatty acids that are beneficial, unlike most saturated ones. These fats help with the regulation of hormones and the assimilation of fat-soluble vitamins.

Besides that, pure, safflower oil, when not heated, could be beneficial for the heart, improves blood sugar levels, and reduces inflammation both internally and when applied topically on the skin.

At last, but not least, we have to note that safflower oil is safe for cooking at high temperatures. The high-oleic oil has a higher smoke point than many other oils, among which are: sesame oil, olive oil, canola and corn oil.


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