Pure Organic Raw Nut And Fruit Bar With Wild Blueberries

Who doesn’t love blueberries? They’re a staple in many desserts like cheesecakes, cupcakes and muffins. They can even be used in sauces for grilled meat like turkey. The great thing about this delicious little berry is that it’s filled with antioxidants, and they taste wonderful! With their high ORAC value, you can’t go wrong with raw blueberries! But if you want more than just nibbling on berries straight from a pack, you’ll certainly love this raw nut and fruit bar with wild blueberries. Delivered to you by Pure, this is a great snack to have around to give you both great taste and an energy boost. It’s an organic snack food for anytime, whether you need something revitalizing when you’re at the office, or if you need fast nutritious breakfast when on the go. The blueberry bar is made with living raw ingredients like organic dates, cashews, agave nectar, walnuts and brown rice for an added dash of fiber. Absolutely scrumptious and wholesome! It is filled with protein, potassium, Vitamin C, iron, fiber, phosphorous, zinc and B complex vitamins. There’s nothing more you could want from a sweet, yet healthy treat!

Organic Ingredients:

Wild Blueberries (with apple juice concentrate and canola oil), Dates, Agave Nectar, Cashews, Brown Rice Protein, Walnuts, Unsweetened Lemon Juice Concentrate

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