Pure Canadian Clover Honey by Billy Bee

A trademarked pure white honey blend made from Canadian Clover coming in a six-pack set each of the bottles weighing at 6.6 pounds. It is possible to use this on pancakes, waffles and other baked foods to completely replace artificial sweeteners and powdered sugar. A great alternative to maple syrup as well, this product is light sweet and easy to spread at the same time. A great choice when you need a softer taste that isn’t too strong for your tea.

There is a special no-mess cap that is designed to pour the honey without any spills which ensures your sweet experience even further! Serve as a dip, with snacks in your hot beverages, or even glaze meat and dress salads with it! It is among the best honey products on our list!

Billy Bee Clover Honey on Wallnuts

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