Premium Culinary Grade Japanese Matcha by Aprika Life

Aprika Life has just started business in 2018, but they are quickly becoming a favorite green tea company in Canada, as well as the US. This magnificent top quality matcha product is a result of a collaboration between a young Canadian family and a local Japanese green tea field owner and producer. As a matter of fact, their Japanese partner has been producing high grade green tea for more than 800 years, a traditional family business, passed down from generation to generation.

Even if you’ve tried multiple companies that sell culinary grades, this one may very well surpass them when we talk about color and scent. The color is vividly green (a clear sign of quality), even greener than most other culinary grades. The aroma reminisces of dried tomatoes, telling you that the leaves of the plants that are used for making the matcha powder are healthy and rich in nutrients, grown in perfect shade and dried naturally.

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