Peter Rabbit Organics Puree Fruit Pouches

The Peter Rabbit Organics puree fruit pouches are some yummy delights that might be defined as a tasty elixir of health! They’re suitable for every family member, regardless if it’s an adult or a baby. Grown people and especially kids (since this is more of a baby food) will go nuts eating these pouches. Though basically it’s made to be a baby food, even adults can use it as an excellent meal substitute.

Peter Rabbit Organics have produced 10 different flavor combinations: Carrot, Squash & Apple; Sweet Potato, Corn & Apple; Strawberry & Banana; Apple & Grape; Peach & Apple; Pear & Apple; Pea, Spinach & Apple; Pumpkin, Carrot & Apple; Banana & Apple; Pear & Pea.

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