Organic Yellow Popcorn by Arrowhead Mills, Whole

In contrast to its conventionally produced variant, organic yellow popcorn has become famous for being a health-friendly snack that doesn’t harm your good fettle. As a USDA-certified organic product, this unpopped corn kernels are free of the pesticides, preservatives, genetically modified organisms, and other artificial chemicals that are often present on mainstream brands, so the only ingredient in this product is yellow, whole-grain corn.

This corn can be used in an air popper or a saucepan to make a movie night an unforgettable fun experience. The company advises adding salt, honey, seeds and nuts to enhance the snacking experience of the product after the popping process. The recipe for this combination, known as Popcorn Supreme, is included on the package, along with instructions for popcorn balls, the traditional holiday treat many people know and love. Because corn pops into large, fluffy puffs, just a quarter of a cup of kernels can fill a large bowl once prepared.

This bag contains about 4.25 cups of kernels, meaning that your popcorn will last for a very long time.

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