Organic Yeast by From The Fields

Healthy cooking is easier with organic ingredients such as this organic nutritional yeast, also known as yeast autolysate, which vegans and dairy-intolerant cooks may appreciate as a great substitute for cheese in favorite recipes.

The product is free of MSG and other additives, preservatives, GMO ingredients, and artificial chemical additives. It contains no flavorings or sweeteners aside from sea salt, which allows the natural taste to shine through and augment any dish.

At just 15 calories, yeast may be a healthier option for people who want to avoid the heavy calorie punch that cheese often packs. As it uses rice flour, this product is less likely to aggravate diners with gluten sensitivities or intolerances.

This organic yeast is eco-friendly and perfect for bread and pastry bakers concerned about their yeast’s impact on the environment, as the package in which this product arrives is compostable itself!

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