Organic Whole Wheat Flour by Great River Organic Milling

Health-friendly cooking calls for quality ingredients when you operate in the kitchen. And what better way to make quality meals than choosing organic for your culinary adventures! This organic whole wheat flour by Great River Organic Milling is one of the main products that are in order when you want to stock your pantry with essential organic ingredients.

And is it a vital product? Well, just think about how often you use flour when you cook… That’s right, pretty often. Wheat flour is perhaps the most traditional flour used in cooking. It’s frequently one of the basic ingredients in baking foods, from bread to both savory and sweet dishes, pancakes and more.

Why choose organic whole wheat flour over conventional?

Because organic whole wheat bread flour is superior to flour made of GMO wheat that scientists suspect as a possible reason for increasing gluten and celiac sensitivities. Not to mention that organic means tastier, more nutritious, and free of any pesticides. Genetically engineered wheat was approved for commercial growth in 2015, so if we have to make a logical prognosis, we’d say its consumption will unfortunately going to increase rapidly in the future. That’s why choosing organic wheat flour over conventional is a smart and conscious move for you and your family.

This finely ground flour has kept the wheat bran and is milled from hard red spring wheat grown the way our ancestors have grown their crops, which means there are no GMOs, pesticides, nitrates, or other potentially-harming chemicals.

Now when you want to have a great tasting, authentic organic bread on your dining table, you have the means to prepare it yourself, and you have Great River Organic Milling to thank for that. You can trust this brand, as it has been providing high quality grains, cereals and stone-ground flours for more than 25 years!

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