Organic Unfiltered Honey by Nature Nate’s

Made by the most diligent Brazilian bees, Nature Nate’s organic unfiltered honey is a 100% authentic, unadulterated raw honey that is on a whole different level compared to fake, sugar-enriched and diluted counterparts in the stores we find these days. That means you get to enjoy the real consistence, aroma, taste, and of course, the wonderful health benefits of real honey.

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A good reason to trust Nature Nate’s is because the brand’s story began with Nate himself. Without doubting too much, first he bought a beehive and apiculture became his hobby. It wasn’t long before his passion grew into a life mission. So, he decided to trade his day job for bee-keeping, something that in the modern era is very important, because bee populations are dying year by year and pure, organic honey is decreasing its supplies gradually in result.

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