Organic Turkey Jerky by 365 Everyday Value

So, we’ve previously showed you numerous beef jerky products in our dried meat category, but if you want dehydrated meat that’s not from the “red” type, 365 Everyday Value will satisfy your gourmet wishes with their organic turkey jerky. This premium, high-protein snack is made of 100% boneless, skinless, organic turkey breast, that’s dehydrated (if you want to have the equipment to dehydrate meat, vegetables and fruits yourself, click here), and flavored with organic condiments and spices.

Apart from beef and pork jerk, this clean turkey jerky is even fat-free and packs 11g of highly absorbable animal protein per 28g serving.

A single package of 85g can even be a great protein rich meal replacement if you’re on the run throughout the day and don’t have time for a proper meal.

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