Organic Triphala Powder by Organic Traditions

Organic Traditions products never disappoint when it comes to bio-certified natural herbs and super foods, and their organic triphala powder is yet another proof for the premium quality they deliver.

This rejuvenating and health strengthening food powder is one of the most essential preparations in Ayurvedic Medicine. In Sanskrit, the word Triphala means “three fruits”, and just like the name indicates, it is a combination of 3 different fruits: Amla, Amalaki and Haritaki. This blend is one of the most preferred cleansing and balance-restoring tonics in the Ayurveda medicine, because it is believed to help a person regain their equilibrium to all 3 doshas: Kapha, Pitta and Vatta.

The gentle cleansing and detox effects, the regularity-promoting and digestion-improving properties of triphala make it a fantastic daily supplement. According to the energetic concept of Ayurveda, triphala contains 5 of the 6 tastes: sour, sweet, pungent, bitter, and astringent flavor.

This product has no added preservatives, fillers, sweeteners, additives, stabilizers, excipients, or carriers.

An excellent addition to your healthy diet and a great smoothie ingredient!

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