Organic Sweet Corn by Libby's, Whole Kernel, Canned

Canned organic foods are the perfect balance of convenience and health. Not only does the organic factor allow you to keep cooking healthy, but you’ll avoid all the artificial preservatives present in mainstream canned foods.

This canned organic sweet corn by Libby’s is just that: organically grown corn in water with a pinch of sea salt. The grains are free of pesticides and artificial preservatives, and are grown in compliance with sustainable farming principles that guarantee a healthy earth for generations to come.

Fully cooked and ready to eat, this corn is an ideal dinner addition and cooking ingredient for soups, salads, and even pancakes! (In fact, the can includes a recipe for healthy corn pancakes using the exact amount of corn available in each can.) This product is vegan and completely gluten-free, appropriate for a wide range of diets. The can is recyclable for further environmentally-friendly purposes.

Organic Ingredients

Corn, Sea Salt, Water

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