Organic Strawberry Syrup

Health-conscious individuals tend to use white sugar replacements in the kitchen. When most people speak about a health-friendly sugar substitute, they normally think of raw honey, agave nectar, or maybe stevia. And as healthy as honey is, you don’t have to limit yourself when you want to use a sweetener that wouldn’t jeopardize your well-being the way white sugar, or high fructose corn syrup would.

There are certain products that are worth giving a try, and this organic strawberry syrup is definitely one of them! Ambling Ambystoma Farm produces this premium syrup by using a blend of strictly organic berries, apples, and a bit of cane sugar. Thanks to the strawberries’ natural occurring antioxidant compounds, this right here is a high quality fruit liquid that offers generous amounts of antioxidants.

Of course the organic certification hints that the product contains no GMOs, preservatives, additives, artificial colors, and flavors, plus it’s 100% free of high fructose corn syrup.

The possibilities for using this vegan sweetener are many. From topping a pancake, a waffle or ice cream, to adding it as an ingredient in a delicious cake. Also, you can add it to carbonated water to create a fantastic lemonade, or mix it with fresh fruit and cheese, and then add the mixture to a base of green salad. However you decide to use it, you won’t be disappointed by the result!


Organic Ingredients

75% Strawberries, 11% Apples, 12% Cane Sugar, 1% Lemon Juice, ~1% Cinnamon

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