Organic Stage 1 Vegetable Puree Pack by Earth’s Best

When you have a small bundle of joy, it’s always very important what nutrition you’re giving them from the very beginning of their existence on this world. And when it comes to healthy meals, there’s no second opinion that veggies are a must, no matter the age.

That’s why Earth’s Best have made products, appropriate for the smallest mouth, and containing real food. This organic stage 1 vegetable puree pack comprises not one, but 3 different veggie baby purees sealed in glass jars which have a non BPA lid, and are fully recyclable.

Suitable for 4 months+ babies, the pack includes carrot, pea, and sweet potato purees, all of which have no added sugar, salt or wheat. Furthermore, this baby nutrition features no artificial flavors, colorings, preservatives, hormones, antibiotics, herbicides, pesticides, nor genetically modified organisms.

Your little one will absorb only real, clean vegetables, grown the way mother Earth has intended.

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