Organic Sprouted Red Clover Seeds

Salads are a one of the healthiest nutrition choices people can make for their diet, and we can freely say that’s an irrefutable affirmation. But what if you could add a little extra natural flair to your salad, enriching its nutritional power even more than usual? The best way to do that is with something like these organic sprouted red clover seeds!

Clover sprouts smell and look similar to alfalfa sprouts, and like them, they bring not only an additional nutrient punch to your salad, sandwich or sauce, but also some crunchiness and flavor.

The product is certified organic, vegan, non-GMO, and microbial tested.



Nutrition facts and health benefits of clover sprouts

First off, clover sprouts (and respectively red clover sprouts) are a low calorie food, as 100g of sprouts contain only 23 calories. Just for the record, a strip of bacon contains 45 calories. Low-calorie foods can help you maintain your optimal weight easier. They add bulk to the amount of nutrition you consume daily, thus making you feel more satiated.

More than 70% of sprouted clover seeds’ calories originate from protein. 100g of sprouts have 4g of plant-based protein, which is a modest, yet still worthy contribution (8%) to your daily protein recommendations. Keep in mind that clover sprouts are not a complete amino acid source, so make sure you diversify your high protein foods to fulfill your protein norm.

Furthermore, 100g of sprouted clover seeds have 2g of dietary fiber, also evening up to 8% of the recommended daily value for this essential nutrient. Fiber also plays its part in regulating weight, normalizing digestion, and controlling cholesterol.

Clover sprouts are a good source of vitamins. Vitamins A, B, C, and K all participate in the nutrient composition of this naturally healthy food. 100g sprouts deliver 38% of the recommended daily allowance for vitamin K, and 14% for vitamin C. While vitamin K is required for proper blood clotting, vitamin C is an eminent antioxidant that raises the body’s immunity, protects our cells from oxidative damage, lowers the mischance of cardiovascular disease, and more.

Despite not being a strong mineral source, there are several minerals that clover seeds feature: zinc, phosphorous, iron and calcium.

To boot, clover sprouts have phytochemicals with antioxidant propensity, and more specifically genistein. This flavonoid is a type of isoflavone that has been shown to prevent tumor growth by declining generation of new blood vessels within the cancer tumor. Red clover seeds are perhaps one of the best sources of isoflavones. Studies have numerously examined these constituents, and have hinted at their anti-cancer properties. That definitely seals the notion of red clover seeds as an anticancer food.

To add to the health benefits of sprouted clover seeds, we’ll also distinguish their capability to be a natural detoxifier, as well as rectify deficiencies in the circulatory system by regular consumption.

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