Organic Spaghetti With Artichoke Flour

We’ve been riding the pasta wave lately, and we came across something that was worthy of paying attention to when you want to cook some delicious Italian recipes. It’s definitely good enough to have a spot in our personal best organic pastas list if you will.

We’re talking about these organic spaghetti with artichoke flour that are indeed a high quality product that we have DeBoles to thank for. What’s different with this pasta? Well, for starters it’s organic, which means conventionally made pastas are inferior to it in terms of quality and safety.

Secondly, besides the durum wheat semolina used in the making process, these non-GMO spaghetti also have Jerusalem artichoke flour as the other major ingredient, which except the veggie-like note to the nutty taste, also adds more nutritional power to the product by giving it vital prebiotics aiding digestion.

The light, smooth texture does not stick and contributes to the fineness of your dish.

This is definitely an orthodox flour that is high quality and worth trying.

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