Organic Soymilk by Silk, Unsweetened

This unsweetened organic soymilk beverage will please even picky drinkers!

A heart-healthy non-dairy beverage, the soymilk is ideal for lactose-intolerant, allergic, or vegan milk fans. Its calcium content is equal to that found in regular milk without any of the lactose content that makes natural dairy so problematic for sensitive individuals. The drink is a great option for vegans who wish to avoid animal products while also sustaining their protein intake at healthy levels.

Of all the non-dairy milks available, soymilk is the best for cooking, being thick and stable at higher temperatures.

As a USDA-certified organic product, this soymilk is guaranteed to be made only from non-GMO beans grown and harvested in the U.S.

Having only 80 calories per serving, plus being loaded with vitamin A, calcium, vitamin D2, riboflavin (B2), and vitamin B12, this is indeed a fine snack as well as a refreshing accompaniment to breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

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