Organic Soul Sprout Granola Bars by Two Moms in the Raw

Two Moms in the Raw really have gone out of their way to offer the consumer truly wholesome snacks made from plain raw ingredients. These organic Soul Sprout granola bars are just a serial proof for their great work, and once you’ve tried them, you’ll know it’s true! Nurturing the body with “Accelerated Nutrition” through GMO-free, organic certified plant ingredients, these bites are a smart meal substitute when you don’t have time. The Soul Sprout line of the brand offers a set of different products, emphasizing a little more on certain ingredients to deliver a different hint of flavor. These very organic granola bars have cranberry and chia for that purpose that really add a fantastic nutty and fruity crunch to the healthy crispy snack.

Organic Ingredients

Sprouted Oat Groats, Sprouted Buckwheat Groats, Raw Chia Seeds, Sprouted Raw Flax, Sprouted Sunflower Seeds, Sprouted Raw Millet, Sprouted Pumpkin Seeds, Coconut Syrup, Sprouted Cranberries, Cinnamon, Sprouted Raw Almonds, Sunflower Lecithin, Cranberry Powder, Sea Salt.

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