Organic Rye Bread with Sunflower Seeds by Mestemacher

Organic bread is good for both the consumer and the environment. Mestemacher is the company that produces this particular organic rye bread with sunflower seeds, and its members take sustainable farming at heart to leave customers satisfied.

Certified organic by the USDA, this German bread is made without the use of pesticides or artificial preservatives. It is high in both iron and fiber thanks to its considerable whole grain content. Rye is rather healthier than whole wheat, provoking a lower insulin response and assisting with weight management. Additionally, rye bread satisfies for longer than wheat bread because it is more nutritious, containing higher levels of manganese and dietary fiber. The other major component of this bread, is sunflower seeds that are high in vitamin E, copper, and healthy oils.

The rye bread has a long shelf life, though it should be consumed within five days upon opening the package.

It comes in tasty slices appropriate for sandwich-making.

Organic Ingredients

Whole Rye Flour, Whole Kernel Rye, Sunflower Seed, Water, Yeast, Sea Salt

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