Organic Rye Bread with Sprouted Seeds by Biona

Rye is a nutritious whole-grain that is worth including in a health-responsible diet. What’s even more, why not try an organic rye bread with sprouted seeds to shatter the bread reject many people show. Why is this bread to be endorsed? Well, because it’s not 100% made from regular wheat like white bread. Instead, this rye bread is made from wholegrain rye meal, and a special sprout mix that features adzuki beans, mung beans, radish, alfalfa, flax, sesame, and quinoa.

Per 100g of this magnificent loaf deliver just 2g fat, 9.9g of dietary fiber, plus everything else rye is suppose to contain.

No added yeast.


Organic Ingredients

Wholegrain Rye Meal (40%), Sprout Mix (8%) (Adzuki, Mung Bean, Rye, Alfalfa, Radish, Quinoa, Linseed, Sesame), Water, Sea Salt, Natural Sourdough.

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