Organic Ricotta Cheese by Organic Valley

You love eating cheese, right? So do we, especially some delectable Italian whey cheese with more dense protein content and texture. The organic ricotta cheese by Organic Valley is the real deal when you want a tasty type of cheese that can get you the protein fix you are looking for. Ricotta means “recooked”. This kind of whey cheese is made from sheep milk whey (it could also be goat, buffalo or cow) by congealing the remaining proteins (mostly globulin and albumin) upon the use of casein to make cheese.

The whey is initially left to become more acidic by extra fermentation, sitting at room temperature from 12 to 24 hours. After that, the acidified whey is heated nearly to the point of boiling. The combo of high temperature and low acidity (pH) alters the protein and makes it thickened, forming a curd. It does look similar to certain cottage cheese types, but it’s somehow lighter, plus it can also age longer, which means it can come in varieties preserved for longer periods of time.

The slightly sweetish and milky flavor, and the creamy appearance of this whole milk organic ricotta cheese is really going to entice anybody to just go ahead and scoop a few times in the container. Of course, the cheese is suitable not only as a protein-rich whey snack, but also as a terrific ingredient in many palatable savoury dishes that can make for a fantastic lunch or dinner (hell, even breakfast).

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